Important Points You Should Know Before Constructing a New House

Constructing a new house

This is an extremely important subject that whenever you need to buy a plot to build a house, keep these things in mind, today or in the future.

Selecting the plot, especially before constructing the house, is a crucial and precautious task. There are many factors involved that significantly impact the beauty and practicality of the house. These include fundamental elements such as location selection, surroundings, accessibility, and more. Further points specific to residential plots are as follows:

Orientation of the Plot:

If a plot faces east or west, it receives more sunlight, resulting in a brighter and germ-free environment, reducing the risk of termite infestation. Such houses also incur lower electricity costs due to fewer bulbs being used during daylight hours. They receive ample sunlight in winters, reducing the need for heaters. Such houses also face fewer issues with germs or molds.

Surroundings Observation:

Choose a plot for your house with beautiful surroundings. Parks and markets nearby enhance the beauty, and when windows are open, fresh air flows in. This also soothes your aesthetic sense. If there are heaps of garbage around the plot, motor mechanic shops, or metal workshops, you can imagine how unpleasant life could become with various noises.

Ensure clarity regarding property ownership during plot selection to avoid any ambiguity or legal disputes. Even minor property issues can result in years of legal proceedings. Therefore, seek assistance from legal experts to ensure a smooth and legal transfer of the plot.

Society Regulations:

Before purchasing a plot in a society or area, familiarize yourself with the rules and regulations governing it. Many societies have strict regulations regarding house designs. Sometimes, constructing a third floor might not be allowed, or some societies mandate keeping garages open. Ensure these regulations don’t pose future difficulties for you.

Ground Level of the Plot:

Analyzing the ground level of the plot during selection is essential. The slope, elevation, and shape of the plot can impact your house’s design, stability, and foundation. Consider all these factors in line with your construction ideas.

Size and Shape of the Plot:

The size and shape of the plot significantly affect your house and design. Irregularly shaped or oddly placed plots can pose challenges for house design. A simple square or rectangular plot has the best impact.

Soil Quality and Drainage:

Checking the quality of soil on the plot is necessary. Soil that helps strengthen foundations and provides good drainage protects the house from various potential issues.

Budget and Resale Value:

While everyone considers their budget when buying a plot, also beware of buying cheap plots in areas where development or increase in resale value isn’t expected. New, well-developed housing societies are preferable as their development increases the value of plots and houses. If you will buy a plot in a well planned society like Urban City Lahore, then the value of your constructed house will increase at a higher rate in future.

Written by Engineer Mujeeb ur Rahman.

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