Plot Dimensions For 3, 5, 7, 10 Marla & 1 Kanal in Lahore, Pakistan

Plot Dimensions in Lahore Pakistan

Plot Dimensions in Lahore, Pakistan

When it comes to buying or building a property in Lahore, Pakistan, understanding the plot dimensions is crucial. Different plot sizes are available, ranging from 3 marla to 1 kanal with various plots dimensions. Standard plot dimensions are very important for constructing a house with good front elevation design. Let’s explore the dimensions of each plot size:

3 Marla Plot Dimensions

A 3 marla plot typically measures around 19 feet by 35 feet. This size is suitable for small families or individuals looking for a compact living space. It is ideal for building a single-story house or a small apartment.

5 Marla Plot Dimensions

A 5 marla plot usually measures around 25 feet by 45 feet. It is a popular choice among middle-income families as it offers a bit more space compared to a 3 marla plot. With this plot size, you can build a comfortable two-story house with a small garden or parking space.

7 Marla Plot Dimensions

A 7 marla plot typically measures around 30 feet by 52.5 feet. This plot size provides even more space for a larger house or additional amenities. It is suitable for families who require more rooms or a bigger backyard.

10 Marla Plot Dimensions

A 10 marla plot usually measures around 35 feet by 65 feet. This plot size is considered spacious and is suitable for medium to large-sized families. With a 10 marla plot, you can build a two-story house with ample space for gardens, parking, and recreational areas.

1 Kanal Plot Dimensions

A 1 kanal plot typically measures around 50 feet by 90 feet. It is the largest plot size commonly available in Lahore. This size is ideal for those looking for a luxurious and spacious living space. With a 1 kanal plot, you can build a grand house with multiple floors, spacious rooms, and extensive outdoor areas.

Understanding the dimensions of different plot sizes in Lahore, Pakistan, can help you make an informed decision when buying or building a property. Consider your family’s needs, budget, and future plans before selecting the plot size that suits you best.

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