Lahore city

Administrative Units in Lahore

Geographical Boundaries of Lahore: National and Provincial Assembly Constituencies, Tehsils, Zones, and Union Councils

Lahore, the capital of Punjab and the second-largest city in Pakistan, is a metropolis that boasts a rich cultural heritage and a complex administrative structure. Understanding the geographical boundaries of Lahore is crucial for various stakeholders, including policymakers, urban planners, and residents. This overview delves into the administrative and political divisions that define Lahore,...

Legacy of Urban City Lahore's Developers

Legacy Matters: More Than 65 Years of Hard Work and Dedication

The Inception of a Legacy The legacy of Urban City Lahore’s developers began more than 65 years ago with a vision that was both ambitious and transformative. The founders, driven by a deep-seated commitment to urban development and community enhancement, laid the groundwork for what would become an enduring legacy. Their initial vision was to create an urban space that not only catered to the needs...

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