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Free Healthcare facility For Residents of Urban City Lahore

Exciting News for Urban City Lahore Residents: Free Medical Care in Collaboration with Indus Hospital

Urban City Lahore Housing Scheme is thrilled to announce a groundbreaking initiative that will significantly enhance the well-being of our residents. Starting from , we are partnering with the esteemed Indus Hospital Lahore to provide free medical care facilities for all residents of Urban City Lahore Housing Scheme. This collaboration reflects our commitment to creating a community where health and...

A guide to Urban City Lahore's New Payment Plan

Urban City Lahore New Payment Plan: A Comprehensive Guide for Prospective Buyers

Introduction Urban City Lahore is a beacon of modern living in the heart of Pakistan's cultural capital. With its innovative infrastructure, top-notch amenities, and now a refreshed payment plan, it has become an attractive option for investors and homebuyers alike. This blog explores the intricacies of Urban City Lahore’s new payment plan, offering a detailed guide to make your investment decision...

First time in the history of Pakistan, early balloting announced

1st Time in Pakistan’s Real Estate History: Urban City Announced Balloting Just 10 Months After Its Launch

Introduction In a groundbreaking achievement for Pakistan’s real estate sector, Urban City Lahore has announced the balloting of City Oasis Block within just 10 months of its launch. This remarkable milestone sets a new benchmark in the industry, showcasing an unparalleled commitment to delivering on promises and providing prospective homeowners with a swift and reliable path to securing their dream...

Urban City Lahore Offering Plot on Installments in Lahore

Housing Societies in Lahore Offering Plots on Installments

When it comes to purchasing a plot in Lahore, many potential buyers are often deterred by the high upfront costs. However, there are several housing societies in Lahore that offer plots on installments, making it more affordable and convenient for individuals and families to invest in their dream homes. In this article, we will explore some of the popular housing societies in Lahore that provide plots on...

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