The Truth Behind Mubashir Lucman’s False Allegations Against Urban City Lahore

Mubashir Lucman's False Allegations about Urban City Lahore

Mubashir Lucman’s False Story: The Truth Behind His Allegations Against Urban City Lahore

In recent years, the rise of fake news and misleading information has become a concerning issue in journalism. One such example is the misleading vlog by Mubashir Lucman about Urban City Lahore, a real estate project. Lucman, a proven blackmailer, has a history of manipulating facts to serve his own interests. In this blog post, we will delve into the truth behind his allegations and shed light on the real story of Urban City Lahore.

Mubashir Lucman’s Blackmailing History

In 2012, Mubashir Lucman‘s true colors were exposed when a leaked video of a planted interview with Malik Riaz Ahmed, the owner of Bahria Town Lahore, surfaced. The video clearly showed Lucman blackmailing Ahmed for personal benefits. Lucman had asked planted questions to Ahmed, threatening to expose him if he did not comply with his demands. This incident proved that Lucman is not a trustworthy journalist but rather a manipulative blackmailer.

The LDA Approval Controversy

One of the false claims made by Lucman in his vlog was that Urban City Lahore is not LDA approved. However, the truth is that LDA approval is not required for Urban City Lahore as it lies outside the territory of Lahore Development Authority (LDA). Instead, the project has obtained all the necessary approvals from TMA Sheikupura, the relevant authority for the area. This misinformation spread by Lucman shows his lack of understanding of the legal requirements for real estate projects.

TMA Approval for Urban City Lahore
TMA Approval for Urban City Lahore

Urban City Lahore: A History of Successful Deliveries

Lucman alleged that the developers of Urban City Lahore will not deliver on their promises. However, the reality is quite the opposite. The developers of Urban City Lahore have a track record of successfully delivering more than 12 housing projects, including Al Hafeez Garden Phase 1 to Phase 5 and Al Rehman Gardens Phase 1 to Phase 7. These projects stand as a testament to their commitment to timely delivery and customer satisfaction. Therefore, it is baseless to claim that Urban City Lahore will not be delivered as promised.

It is important to note that reputable developers prioritize their reputation and understand the significance of delivering on their commitments. Urban City Lahore is no exception to this. The developers have invested their time, resources, and expertise to ensure the timely completion of the project, fulfilling the dreams of those who have invested in it.

Mubashir Lucman’s Unfair Demands and Blackmail

Sources close to the matter have revealed that Mubashir Lucman allegedly demanded unfair benefits from the management of Urban City Lahore. When his demands were refused, he resorted to threatening and blackmailing the management by spreading misleading information against the project. This behavior is not only unethical but also highlights Lucman’s ulterior motives and lack of journalistic integrity.

It is essential for the public to be aware of such individuals who misuse their platform to spread false narratives for personal gain. The credibility of journalism is at stake when journalists like Lucman engage in blackmailing and manipulation instead of reporting the truth.

The Truth Prevails

As responsible citizens, it is crucial for us to question the authenticity of the information we consume. Mubashir Lucman’s misleading vlog about Urban City Lahore is a prime example of how false narratives can be created to serve personal interests. By examining the facts and understanding the truth behind the allegations, we can protect ourselves from falling victim to fake news and manipulation.

Urban City Lahore, a legally approved project with a reputable track record of successful deliveries, should not be tarnished by baseless allegations. It is important to rely on credible sources and verified information to form an accurate opinion.

Let us stand against the spread of fake news and support projects like Urban City Lahore that contribute to the development and progress of our society.

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