Latest Development Updates for City Venture Block, Urban City Lahore

Development Work started for Construct of Main Entrance of City Venture District Block

Welcome to the latest updates on the City Venture Block in Urban City Lahore! We are excited to share the ongoing progress and key developments transforming this premium location into a thriving community. Here’s a closer look at what’s happening on the ground.

Main Boulevard Work Has Commenced

The construction of the Main Boulevard located with direct access to GT road Kala Shah Kaku, is officially underway. This vital artery of the City Venture Block is designed to enhance connectivity and provide a grand entrance to the area. The boulevard will feature wide lanes, landscaped medians, and state-of-the-art street lighting, ensuring a smooth and aesthetically pleasing experience for residents and visitors alike.

The design and construction focus on durability and efficiency, ensuring that the boulevard will handle heavy traffic and last for years to come. Regular updates will keep you informed about the progress and expected completion dates.

Site Offices Operational for Sale Partners

Our site offices are now fully operational and ready to assist our sales partners. Strategically located within the City Venture Block, these offices serve as a hub for information, inquiries, and transactions.

Visitors can explore the master plan, review available plots, and get a feel for the development’s vision and scope. The professional team on-site is available to provide detailed insights and facilitate your investment journey.

Road Work Initiated

We have made significant strides in initiating road construction throughout the City Venture Block. This phase includes laying the groundwork for a network of roads that will interconnect various sectors of the block.

Our team is using high-quality materials and modern construction techniques to ensure the roads meet international standards for safety and durability. The ongoing work marks a critical step in making the area accessible and navigable for future residents.

Land Leveling in Progress

Land leveling is a crucial process to prepare the site for construction and infrastructure development. At City Venture Block, this work is in full swing, transforming uneven terrain into a well-prepared foundation for future buildings and amenities.

This process includes grading the land, removing excess material, and ensuring a stable base for roads, utilities, and structures. The progress in land leveling is setting the stage for upcoming construction activities, ensuring a smooth development phase.

Upcoming Underpass Construction

Exciting news! Plans are underway to construct an underpass beneath the existing train track that runs through the City Venture Block. This underpass will provide a seamless route for vehicular traffic, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity between different sectors.

The underpass is a critical component of the transportation infrastructure, designed to enhance traffic flow and safety. Construction is set to begin soon, with detailed planning ensuring minimal disruption to train schedules and surrounding areas.

Explore the Latest Site Development Pictures

We invite you to explore the latest site development pictures of the City Venture District. These images capture the dynamic changes happening on-site, offering a glimpse into the future of this vibrant community. From the early stages of road work to the bustling activity around the site offices, the transformation is well underway.

Gallery of Latest Site Development Pictures

Stay Updated with City Venture Block

Stay tuned for more updates on the City Venture Block as we continue to develop and enhance this premier area of Urban City Lahore. Whether you are a potential resident, investor, or simply curious about our progress, we promise to keep you informed every step of the way.

For more information or inquiries, visit our official website or contact our site office directly.

Join us in building the future of Urban City Lahore!

Note: The images in this blog are representative and subject to change as development progresses. For the latest visuals and updates, please refer to our official channels.

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