Urban City Lahore Development Work Updates

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Welcome to the latest development updates on Urban City Lahore, a thriving residential project by Al Hafeez Developer and Al Rehman Developer. In this blog post, we will focus on the ongoing road work and sewage work, highlighting the progress and benefits these developments bring to the residents of Urban City.

Roads Construction in Urban City

One of the key aspects of any well-planned city is its infrastructure, and Urban City Lahore is no exception. The developers have made significant efforts to ensure the construction of well-designed and well-maintained roads throughout the project.

The roads in Urban City are being constructed using high-quality materials and modern techniques to ensure durability and longevity. These wide and well-paved roads not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of the city but also provide smooth and convenient transportation for the residents.

The road network in Urban City Lahore is strategically planned, connecting all the major areas within the project. Whether you need to travel to the commercial hub or access the recreational facilities, the well-connected roads make commuting hassle-free and time-efficient.

Sewage Work in Urban City

A well-functioning sewage system is essential for any residential project, and Urban City Lahore takes pride in its efficient sewage work. The developers have prioritized the construction of a modern and reliable sewage system to ensure a clean and hygienic environment for the residents.

Urban City Lahore Development Updates
Urban City Lahore Development Updates

The sewage work in Urban City involves the installation of underground pipelines and a comprehensive network that efficiently collects and transports wastewater to the treatment plants. This system not only prevents the accumulation of sewage but also ensures the proper disposal and treatment of wastewater, minimizing the risk of pollution and health hazards.

The developers have also incorporated sustainable practices in the sewage work, such as the use of eco-friendly treatment methods and the implementation of water recycling systems. These initiatives contribute to the overall environmental sustainability of Urban City.

Urban City Main Gate Construction

The main gate of Urban City Lahore is an important landmark that sets the tone for the entire project. The developers have given special attention to the construction of an impressive and aesthetically pleasing main gate that reflects the grandeur and elegance of Urban City.

Urban City Lahore Main Gate at GT Road Kala Shah Kaku
Urban City Lahore Main Gate at GT Road Kala Shah Kaku

The main gate is designed to create a welcoming ambiance for residents and visitors alike. It serves as a symbol of pride for the residents and adds to the overall appeal of the project. The construction of the main gate is progressing rapidly, and soon it will be a prominent feature of Urban City Lahore.

City Venture Block at Main GT Road KSK

The main GT Road is a crucial artery that connects Urban City Lahore to the rest of Lahore and nearby cities. The developers have focused on ensuring the smooth flow of traffic and easy accessibility to and from Urban City through the main GT Road Kala Shah Kaku. The good news is that the development work has been start on Main GT Road Site of the Urban City Lahore.

Development Work for City Venture Block is going on at fast pace. Main boulevard has been shaped and marketing companies have started their site offices there. Soon the development work for linking roads and branch roads of City Venture Block will be constructed. Stay tuned for latest updates about Urban City Lahore’s development work.


The ongoing road work, sewage work, construction of the main gate, and development of the main GT Road are significant milestones in the progress of Urban City Lahore. These developments not only enhance the infrastructure but also improve the quality of life for the residents.

Urban City Lahore, with its commitment to excellence and attention to detail, is set to become a premier residential destination in Lahore. The developers, Al Hafeez Developer and Al Rehman Developer, continue to work tirelessly to ensure that Urban City offers a modern and comfortable living experience for its residents.

Stay tuned for more updates on the exciting developments happening in Urban City Lahore!

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